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LISA SYKES The No BS Coach Life & Business Coach for heart-led entrepreneurs
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The No BS Coach

Current Offers for 1:1 Coaching 

Private Coaching with Lisa

1:1 calls last 75 mins (unless stated) and voice coaching support between sessions AKA 'Lisa in Your Pocket’ is included as per the descriptions.


(Great for working through a specific area/goal)

2 hour strategy call + 3 days of voice coaching - £1111 (Payment Plan available over 2 months)

Mid Term Length:

4 months = 2 calls per month plus voice coaching - £2800

6 months = 2 calls per month plus voice coaching - £4050

Year Long Commitment:

1 year = 2 calls per month plus voice coaching - £7777

4, 6 & 12 commitments include FREE access to paid group programmes.

For clients who wish to have regular 1:1 sessions without the additional voice support between I offer bundles of calls:

5 calls - taken over a maximum of 6 months no voice coaching = £2000

10 calls - taken over a maximum of 12 months no voice coaching = £3750

Call bundles do not include FREE access to paid groups and programs.​

Interest Free Payment plans and pay in full option on all packages.

NB: Private coaching is fully booked through 2024 other than intensives (see above). The only way to work 1:1 with Lisa before 2025 is through

'The 6%': The Home of BIG impact + BIG income'

read more about it here.

Payment Methods:

Card Payments Accepted

Bank Transfer UK or International


Currencies accepted: GBP/EURO/USD

Explore current offers for 1:1 coaching with Lisa Sykes. Choose from intensives, mid-term plans, or year-long commitments, all with flexible payment plans. Enjoy personalized sessions, voice coaching support, and free access to paid group programs.

My Other Offers and Programs

The LEGENDARY Activation MicroMind!



This 5-day Mini Mastermind or 'MicroMind' is 5 LIFE CHANGING Days of voice coaching for heart-led entrepreneurs with Lisa & Faye Ceyhan from BirthBizBabes!

LiftOff: 0-5K with Soul & Strategy!

Wanna know the all the things I would be doing if I were building a business from scratch??


Shameless brag: I've been absolutely rocking the socks off the entrepreneurial game for TIME and my superpower is helping people like YOU turn into business badasses too.

Life Lessons from The Alchemist

OMFG I remember it all too well…


Being a 30 something mum of a teenager and 2 kids under 2...feeling like some kind of real life Sonic The Hedgehog whirl-winding my way through every day...


Chucking the kids at Keith as soon as his key touched the door and bombing off to a potential client interview…all good intentions of an afternoon shower out the fucking window…giving my pits a quick sniff to make sure I wasn’t too ripe to be in polite society…

 Are you ready to Trust Fall?

The Trust Fall has taken on a life of its own. The magic in this creation has gone waaaay beyond anything I could've dreamed of before we'd even got started...


We've all seen a Trust Fall...


Where someone literally falls backwards, eyes closed, arms outstretched, FULLY trusting that someone...something....that they can't see or touch...has got their back...

that they are abso-fucking-loutely HELD and SUPPORTED.

RICH AF! AKA: how everything you believe about money is screwing you over & WTF to do about it!


AKA: how everything you believe about money is screwing you over & WTF to do about it!

Let’s get straight to the point:


What you believe (consciously and subconsciously) about money has the power to LIT-ER-ALLY make or break things in your business AND across all areas of your WHOLE LIFE.

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