• Lisa Sykes

A review of Lisa's 16 week Transformational Coaching Programme

Thank you to this client for taking the time to share her experience of having my 16 week programme with 'Lisa In My Pocket'. This person was struggling with confidence and direction after leaving a long term relationship. She felt she had lost her identity and wasn't able to uphold healthy boundaries. During the programme she had to navigate some huge challenges in her close relationships. The way she moved through them was really inspiring to me and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to support her.

'Lisa is amazing! She uses her extensive life experience to provide empathy and a solid foundation to her coaching. The techniques she’s taught me have literally saved my life. They are quick and simple and always easy to recall when needed. Lisa has helped me to answer my own questions through her expert guidance. She has taught me who I am, the foundations I come from with everything and how to approach life in a more positive and energetic way.

I now know my boundaries and values. She understands that it’s no quick fix, these things take time and practice so she is always there to remind and guide between sessions checking in, going above and beyond to be there in a time of crisis or sudden change. Her life stories and anecdotes keep things real and in perspective; she is also living through things yet somehow shows you how to spin each thing so we can learn and grow from it – this makes it really enjoyable and the time just flies in each session!

Initially I worried I would feel silly, I don’t even open up to my close friends and family in this way. I worried I wouldn’t be able to do it as it doesn’t come naturally to me to be so vulnerable, open and honest. It was hard at times yet Lisa coaxed things out of me and just seemed to naturally know when to push and when to stop. If we had to pause, she would send me things to reflect on later which was so useful and really helped my development. She was also ‘in my pocket’, checking in and reminding me of the work we were doing together, encouraging me to keep going. The thing that made the most impact on me was the mantras, especially ‘It gets to be different now,’ I live my life by this one because Lisa helped me realise that change really can happen, it really does get to be different. I would never have believed that on my own. My biggest win is knowing that there is no magic cure but with the right tools (which Lisa provides in abundance), anything is possible. There will be good days and bad, wobbles and wins but it can be done, change can happen! The thing that surprised me most was how different it was to ‘therapy’.

Therapy taught me why the past enabled me to turn out the way I am but mentoring taught me to move forward with joy and that the past doesn’t need to define me now. I am so grateful I’ve had this coaching, it has changed my life beyond belief. I am much more confident, settled and happy in my own skin. I started this program not knowing myself at all and now, I am fully accepting all that I am and know that forgiving myself for judging myself helps me with the blips and helps me to continue the work each day. I feel free! I want to thank Lisa from the bottom of my heart for her kindness and wisdom – it’s been lifesaving and life changing – thank you Lisa'

If you are interested in coaching with Lisa, book 30 mins free to chat and see how she can support you on your journey to transformation.

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