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BE YOUR OWN COACH! The Training with Lisa

Updated: Nov 16

Welcome to my 'self coaching fundamentals' to you get on the path to BE YOUR OWN COACH.

This pre-recorded programme includes over 6 hours of training for you to work through at your own pace. I teach you exactly how you get to do 'scary' things that previously self doubt and imposter syndrome told you 'uh noooo....that's not for you!'

You're going to see how you can quickly shift from that inner critic voice to be your brightest most shiny inner coach - your own best friend...your own coach.

I'm going walk you through my FAVOURITE 'go-to' coaching technique which has has transformed my life and the lives of my private clients. It's opened their eyes to a totally new view of themselves and the world around them. Their super charged self compassion and confidence has meant they've jumped head first into opportunities and possibilities that they previously felt were reserved for 'those people' - the ones who are super cool and take risks without a second thought. SPOILER: that gets to be YOU.

Once you get clear on what stories may be getting in the way of you living a life of ease and fulfilment, we're going to start the work of shifting them, building sustainable habits and goals to get you on track to meeting that future version of yourself that I KNOW is out there!

The magic is really brought together through understanding that recognising what is going on in your nervous system impacts EVERYTHING. I am going to show you how to build emotional resilience through compassionate curiosity, radical responsibility and unconditional acceptance in a way that will transform both your life and the lives of literally everyone around you.

There's a 35 page workbook to accompany the programme PLUS bonus MP3s and a private group for integration work.

So if you like the sound of feeling emotionally resourced and self reliant and you're ready for a mindset all over body scrub, this is for you.

Click here to jump in!

Cant wait to get cracking!


111€ / £95 / 125 USD / 465 AED for the full programme, workbook, bonus materials, MP3s, private integration group.

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