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Life Lessons from The Alchemist

OMFG I remember it all too well…

Being a 30 something mum of a teenager and 2 kids under 2...feeling like some kind of real life Sonic The Hedgehog whirl-winding my way through every day...

Chucking the kids at Keith as soon as his key touched the door and bombing off to a potential client interview…all good intentions of an afternoon shower out the fucking window…giving my pits a quick sniff to make sure I wasn’t too ripe to be in polite society…

Scouting my hair for food in the rear view mirror of my beat up Peugeot 106:

DID I brush my teeth this morning? (licks back of hand... sniffs…)

What month did I last have sex?

Sid was 10 months old and still breastfeeding when I was called out to my first birth as a doula.

I felt so fucking proud of myself and my blossoming biz...AND simultaneously like THE worst piece of shit mum on the planet

Literally putting MY dreams before the needs of my favourite…I mean YOUNGEST child

How VERY dare you

*drum roll*

And the winner of ‘Shit Mum of the Year Award 2011’ (West Yorkshire Region) goes to…..


CONFESSION TIME: I abso-fucking-loutely DID wish time would hurry the fuck up.

I also felt EXTRAORDINARILY bad about that too….but ya know, I'll just pop that on the ‘Mum Guilt’ list

‘You’ll never get this time back!’ ‘They wont be little forever!’


On more than 8769 occasions I did wonder if I was fucking EVERYTHING UP in search of MY (selfish) dreams. I also said to myself approximately the same number of times ‘maybe you should wait until…’

The kids are older

You’ve had more than 5 hours of unbroken sleep

Here's your first Life Lesson from The Alchemist


Toddlers become teens, perimenopause will fuck with your sleep and it’s sooooo fucking true that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

What if you could enjoy the ride?

What if you could stop wishing time away, hoping things will be different when *INSERT any random point in the future* and feel GREAT or even *gasp* INCREDIBLE about EXACTLY where you are right now?

What if instead of being like a 15 year old boy jack rabbiting his way to the money shot, you could SAVOUR it…make it the anticipation of EVERYTHING THAT’S POSSIBLE something that keeps you going…and going…and going….like an edgy orgasm that lasts fo...

(sorry got distracted there for a mo)

How would it feel to:


Step into each phase…each lesson…each chapter with confidence…self acceptance





Wouldn’t it be bloody marvellous to be able to tune out the noise of everyone else’s judgements and expectations, slow TF down and HEAR YOUR HEART

When you start most things, you WILL inevitably get to the ending

But when you know how to switch off the noise…the voice of impatience and pressure…the lessons and opportunities that are LITERALLY under your nose are limitless.

Let me lead you through the book that TOTALLY changed the game for me.

Every time I've read it...every time I've listen to it...I've learned to listen to myself more.

I've been able to see how even when you're in the middle of an absolutely shit storm, you might just be in the greatest moment of your life.

I've learned more and more how saying YES to my dreams has been one of the most POWERFUL things I could do for everyone around me...

And that when you listen to your heart...I mean REALLY're listening to the Soul of The Universe.

Allow me bring to life through the magical art of story telling the many, many, MANY

Life Lessons from The Alchemist

This soulful and expansive program is running LIVE across several modules AND several weeks…with LIFETIME access...because why wouldn't you savour the experience? (see what I did there...)

Join me every Wednesday at 7.30pm UK time starting 22nd March for 5 weeks of Life Lessons that have the power to change your life...forever


Recordings of all modules that have already taken place will be sent straight to your inbox and you can join live for the remaining sessions!

The investment for this program is £222, The Trust Fall credit is valid on this offer and payment plans are available.

I'd love you to join me.

Lisa x

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