• Lisa Sykes

that time a mystic told me to go to the following week, I did.

🇲🇽 This is a picture me at the top of Chichen Itza in the 90s.

💰 I was a single mum with a mortgage, childcare costs & a car payment but the week before this picture I’d borrowed £1000 from my Dad to go to Mexico.

🔮 A tarot card reader told me I should go as soon as possible as it would change my life. And my god it did.

💫 Who I met and what happened is for another time but I spent the whole 10 hour return flight crying knowing my life would never be the same.

⭐️ I’m no stranger to leaping into the unknown. I’d left school on a whim. I walked out of several well paid ‘solid’ jobs without a real plan only a ‘knowing’.

🤍Almost 9 years ago, a conversation walking through Manchester with my husband lead to us deciding there was more out there for our family. A year later, I sold all our worldly goods with no idea where we were going. There wasn’t a job lined up. No clue what country we would be living in.

🎲 I am not risk averse. My husband calls me Las Vegas Lisa 😂 but leaning into trust and tuning into my instincts is a muscle I’ve been flexing for a long time. That being said, I still look for support when I’m back at the edge getting ready to jump. I have the same reservations as you. It just takes a little less time to leap when you know deep in your soul that you WILL fly.

🌎 And when you fly everyone around you flies. My leaps are why I have a daughter living in Milan who sees infinite adventure ahead of her. My leaps are why my children speak French, Italian, German, Spanish and a little Arabic between them and view the world as their oyster.

🌟And it doesn’t have to be as crazy as moving your family across the world. If you feel like there’s more. If you yearn for a different way of being. If you want to be able to hear yourself more clearly and step into your fullest, most glorious potential:

I see you, I’ve been you and can definitely help.

🪐What’s your dream? If you knew you couldn’t fail and had all the resources necessary to make something happen, what would it be? Dare to give it air.

Click this 🔗 and lean in to your dreams.






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