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that time I came back from Greece and wanted to leave my husband and kids...

Throwback to working in Sindos Refugee Camp in Greece 2016. To say this was a life changing experience is the understatement of the century. I came back questioning my entire life’s purpose. I arrived home and spent 24 hours feeling like I wanted to leave my husband and kids.


Thankfully when I told my wise husband how I felt he said ‘if it hadn’t had that kind of impact then I would have been more surprised. It means it was worth it’.

I’ve done a lot of work over the years on what my core values are and I used to have quite a long list! As a doula mentor and coach I truly believe that reflective practice and investing in coaching is a life long commitment to yourself and those you serve. When I was encouraged to zoom in on my 2 core values by my own mentor of the past 10 years, this where I ended up.



I realised a good few years ago that my main desire in life was to be of service - not a specific job - just to live life being of service to others and also myself. I thought this would be my #1 but actually when I really sat with it, authenticity had to come first. I am only of service when I am being truly authentic. When I find myself in a place or situation that doesn’t feel authentic, I’m out. Sometimes it’s my own doing and I need to humbly correct that because I make mistakes - loads! I know this makes me like Marmite to some people but it’s how it has to be and it

gives me the balance and peace in my life that comes when

you’ve stopped searching for the answers about who you are and where you’re going.

When the 2 values come together that’s where the magic takes place...and that’s when I feel like I’m living life 'on purpose'.

Have you ever considered your core values? This work can have a profound impact on the way you show up in the world. It will support you to be 'in flow' in your life, work, relationships...everything.

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