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The Activation MicroMind!

Updated: Aug 29




This 5 day Mini Mastermind or 'MicroMind' is for you if:

you are thinking of launching or about to launch your heart-led/birth biz

you are in the early stages or 'side hustling' and want to get serious

you are not seeing the growth you want in your heart-centred biz

The container is in Telegram and here are some of the things people have said about it!

'The 5 day micro mind challenge has been THE best investment I have made so far in shaping and growing my business. It challenged me to get to the very core of why I want to do what I’m doing, and identify my mission, vision and my brand. I feel so much clearer on where I want this business to go, my current strengths, and the areas I want to focus more energy on. The format was fun, collaborative and completely energising! I highly recommend it to anyone starting a business or at a stage where they want to level-up their existing business.'

'I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect joining the micro mind but I knew it would be great with Faye and Lisa involved. It went far beyond my expectations. It has given me so much to think about and quiet a few revelations in just a few days. On top of this I have met some amazing women who have inspired and supported each other throughout the process. If you want to work with Lisa & Faye or you’re starting out in your business I highly recommended the micro mind activation. Be prepared to go deep, really reflect and flipping love it.'

'If you own a business, no matter what stage you’re at, you need this course. It’s been such an amazing opportunity to reflect, understand what i need to do to grow my biz, face up to some stuff I need to stop doing to make that happen. The fact I’ve done it alongside such an amazing group of people is the cherry on top. It’s been epic'

'Wow! Completely blown away by the last five days! I’m so glad I invested in myself and went on this journey of self discovery for me and my business. I cant recommend this course enough!! Lisa and Faye's energy, wisdom and expertise is priceless!'

'Having been in business for 5 years running LR Hypnotherapy when this opportunity came for me to work with Lisa and Faye I was all in. I am launching My Bump & Me in September this year and have been struggling with my confidence, motivation and vision to get going. After 5 days with these 2 incredible ladies and meeting some inspiring ladies on the course my outlook is clear, I feel motivated and confident. I found the course, thought provoking, challenging, reflective, interesting but most of all I felt supported throughout. I would highly recommend if you are a business owner to delve into this course as I promise you are going to come out of it full of ideas, energy and passion.'

'What an amazing course from Lisa & Faye. The 5 day micro mind made me look deep into my fundamental values and whether my business activities are aligned with them. Spoiler - they weren't! I now have absolute clarity on where I want to take my business and the steps i need to take to get there. I am so so glad i did this course and would recommend it to anyone!!!!!'

'This course is so good to go back to your core, to your motivation, to your passion which brings inspiration. It definitely is confronting but those uncomfortable places helped me grow as a person.'

'This activation micro mind was the best investment I've made in myself and my business. I was dubious of how much I would gain from voice coaching alone and a little nervous too. I was blown away with how much I gained and how comfortable I felt going deeper and discussing my thoughts and asking questions with great support and feedback. I loved the community aspect which surprised me too but I think this actually added value as we supported each other and I've made new friends who are in alignment with my values. I gained so much insight into what I want my business to do and who it should help and why I even want to be in business. I've gained valuable information on strategies, using Instagram as a platform to propel my business growth and can't thank Lisa and Faye enough for all their support and putting together such an amazing experience and business investment.'

'This course was mind blowing! The format was brilliant and so innovative. I loved the fact that I didn't have to clear my schedule to take part in it, but could take a break to see clients or be with my family and return to it afterwards without having missed a thing. The content was profound and confronting at times but everything we navigated was kept grounded, real and closely linked to its practical application. Lisa was incredible in holding a safe space for us all to share our process and support each other through it. We went deep so we could get the clarity needed to more forward powerfully as humans and business owners and the insights have been magical! I feel much more confident about where I am in my business and where I want to take it. I also gained lots of practical knowledge and tips to apply to my business and my life right away. If you're gonna invest in growing your business, you need to start here!'

'I recently did 3 days of voice coaching with Lisa - we actually ran through the Micromind course on a 1:1 basis - and it was absolutely mind blowing! The ground we covered in JUST 3 DAYS has shaken up the way I see and do things, not just in my business but in my life! I was able to see, for the very first time, my own patterns, which, it turns out, have been holding me back for decades. Recognising these and reflecting on my core values, my true devotion in the work that I do and my own potential for growth, with Lisa's support and wisdom, has honestly been life changing. Lisa is so passionate and knowledgeable and holds space for this deep work in a very honest but supportive way. It was so enlightening and even cathartic - it felt like months of therapy had taken place over a 3 day period. It was exactly what I've been needing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to get to that big picture or big goal for their business and themselves. Thank you so much Lisa, for helping me smash through the glass ceiling!'

If you fancy joining us for the next round, the investment is 99GBP and you can apply here!

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