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LISA SYKES The No BS Coach Life & Business Coach for heart-led entrepreneurs
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The No BS Coach

Did you know that only 6% of businesses ever hit 6 figures... yeah yeah...blah blah unicorn blah. 🦄

Wanna know what I thought

the first time I heard this?

‘Meet you in The 6% bitches!’

And I’m taking you with me.

The Membership for

🦄 BIG Impact + BIG income 🦄

I’ve specifically created this for people like you, and me, who’ve been underpaid, undervalued, overlooked and overworked for

too. fucking. long.

It’s the membership where we position you and your services as a necessity rather than a luxury and I teach you exactly what it takes to create:

🦄 10K Doulas

🦄 6 Figure Midwives


🦄 SOLD OUT Coaches

And in The 6% we don’t only create them,

we build them to LAST!

Profitable AND Sustainable 💫

Let’s be real: people who do work that’s

‘socially valuable’

aka anything thats

Caring 💖 Nurturing 💕 Creative 🎶

…are almost always, financially

fucked over. 💣

That’s just the way it is.

But it’s not the way

it has to be.

messaeges from clients who signed up for for the 6 percent

The 6% is waaaaay more than a place

to get business coaching and make money.


The 6% is a place that stands for



The 6% is the ANTIDOTE to society guilt tripping

you for getting paid well for things it

doesn’t give a shit about. ⛔️


The 6% is where you put and end to

the weaponisation of your altruism. 🔫

messages from successful clients who signed up for the 6 percent

🗣️ Listen: you bloody KNOW you were put on this planet to do what you do, and fuck me sideways YOU ARE REEEEEAALLYYY

GOOD at your shizzle.


chefs kiss gooooood. 🧑‍🍳 💋

You'd happily spend all day, everyday

thinking about your biz and being

in front of your clients… 🥰

Buuuttttt it sometimes feels like that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing, because you make yourself soooo available to them, your fam have occasionally suggested you take a bloody sleeping bag and camp out in their back garden. 👀 ⛺️

You love to ‘over deliver’ but you end up ‘over giving’ and, at times, there’s basically fuck all left to give…to anyone around you…



DIDDLY SQUAT left for you. 🙃

And coz you’re spinning every plate and wearing every friggin' hat in the biz, instead of sitting down to work through your ever growing ‘to do’ list of things that need to happen behind the scenes, you numb out, scrolling on your phone or 'sleep eat' your way through a family pack of Monster Munch and

half a dozen Krispy Kreme. 🤤

📣 Once more for the people in the cheap seats:

it doesn’t have to be like this!

The 6% is for you if:

✅ You want to feel just as confident ‘backstage’ in your biz as you do when you’re centre stage shining like a MFer and doing the thang only YOU can do!


✅ You’re ready to ditch all the fucking mindset drama and get TF on with building your (F)EMPIRE.


✅ You want to work in a way that gives you space for time away from your biz and plenty of wonga to spend when you’re there!

✅ You want to be the ‘go to’ in your niche / area.


✅ You want strong, positive relationships inside and outside of your business.


✅ You want to safeguard your mind, body and spirit because there’s a graveyard full of burnt out CEOs and you ain’t ready for ‘the big sleep’ anytime soon.


✅ You're in for the long haul and as much as you came into this work to create BIG impact, you are ready to claim the BIG income now as well!

Illustration gif: ⬆️ actual footage of you after you've been '6%-ed' by me ⬆️

⬆️ actual footage of you after you've been '6%-ed' by me ⬆️

There are 2 Levels inside The 6%

Level 1: Empowerment + Activation

💥 L1 = access to 40+ hours of on demand content and downloadable resources including 'The Fundamentals of Biz' (formerly The MicroMind) money, sales, brand strategy, mindset magic, creating your vision, somatic practices and visualisations for you to work through at your own pace.


💥 I'm teaching you everything I've used to build my biz beyond 6 Figures and to support my clients to hit their first 10K months and 6 Figure Years!


💥 Binge the on demand content alone and you've just gobbled up THOUSANDS of £££ value. 🤯

💥 Every future, brand new LIVE Program and paid Masterclass will be hosted in The 6% and the next program kicks off this month!


💥 EVERY MONTH there’ll be exclusive trainings, NOT AVAILABLE to buy anywhere else added to the content library.


💥 You’ll have access to community groups and The Kitchen Table: the place I built my 6 Figure Business from and the heart and soul of the The 6% community hub.

Testimonials from The 6% clients.

Level 2: Elevation + Integration

💥 L2 gives you allll the L1 goodness PLUS high touch support from yours truly.


💥 L2 gives you additional feedback inside the program support groups PLUS you’re getting monthly community coaching calls and exclusive L2 Q&As as well as a Private Telegram Channel: ‘The Backstage Broadcast’.


💥 You'll get the inside scoop on what’s happening in and around my biz, for you to learn from PLUS you’ll be able to drop your questions on your exclusive Q&A days for me to help you keep the momentum between our trainings and monthly L2 coaching calls. 😲

Testimonials from the clients of The 6%
Testimonials from the clients of The 6%

Oh...did I mention there's an app yet?!!?



There is LITERALLY NO-ONE else out there that can offer this.


I haven’t just learned this shit - I LIVE it


No-one who can ‘claim’ to have done this. 😏


Because no one else has. 💅🏻


I’m a fucking unicorn and I’m here to breed a goddam HERD of unicorns! 🦄

illustration GIF: Who is coming with me?

MY business is here for a mission

much bigger than me. 🌍

💥 The 6% is not for the ‘watchers’. It’s for the ‘doers

💥 The 6% is where you steal a march on your self sabotage and imposter syndrome.

💥 The 6% is where the shared mission and community inspires you to be braver...reach higher...

💥 The 6% is where you learn how to sell your shizz proudly and effortlessly.

💥 The 6% is where ideas are popping like popcorn because loads of brains are better than one.

💥 The 6% is where you learn waaaay more than you imagined, because it’s not just your questions getting answered:

now you’re anticipating potential obstacles and jumping over them before they even have a chance to trip you up.

💥 The 6% is where there’s no more procrastination, because you have a place to 'drop in' and get support between training and coaching calls AND. THEN. MOVE!

💥 The 6% is where you're shooting for big AF goals you only dreamed of before, because now you’re thinking… if it’s happening for them…then why TF not me?!

The impact of your work, just like mine,

is not transactional.

It’s transformational.

We’re moving outside of the paradigm of ‘hourly rates’.

That way of thinking and working is D.E.A.D. 🪦


This is much much bigger than that.

The immediate impact of your support is really fucking obvious to your clients, but they also know the long-term impacts of

who they become on the other side.

And this is exactly what I’m offering you inside of

The 6%.

Immediate, instant benefits of feeling lighter, more confident, clearer, bolder, braver, supported and motivated.


And the powerful AF transformational benefits of who you become on the other side...well they're, quite honestly, limitless and will last you an entire bloody lifetime.

💫 You won’t just become a Successful Business Owner.


💫 You won’t just become someone who stayed the course.


You’ll become the most high definition #noregrets, world changing, legacy creating CEO who impacts, motivates and inspires themselves and everyone they cross paths with.

The 6% isn’t transactional: it’s fucking transformational.

And I’d frikkin' L.O.V.E. love, to support you in there.

Right now the Level 1 Founding Member investment is just £175 per month with a 4 month minimum commitment.


The Level 2 Founding Member investment is only £295 per month investment with a 6 month minimum commitment.


After your minimum commitment, you can cancel any time.



But Level 1 is waiting for you PLUS you can upgrade to add 'The Backstage Broadcast' AND you get first dibs on L2 when doors reopen!

I love you.

I believe in you.

Let’s bloody go!!

The 6 Percent

The home of BIG impact + BIG income with Lisa Sykes.

  • The 6%: Level 1 Access

    Every month
    4 month min commitment then cancel anytime
    • INSTANT access to 40+ hours of on demand content
    • Diverse library of content to support 6 figure success!
    • Monthly exclusive trainings
    • Access to ALL new LIVE Programs + Paid Masterclasses
    • The Kitchen Table + Community Groups
  • The 6%: Level 1 + Backstage Broadcast

    Every month
    4 month min commitment then cancel anytime
    • All Level 1 Benefits
    • PLUS Listen 'Only Access' to The Backstage Broadcast
    • Listen in on L2 Q+As and additional audio support from Lisa
    • Priority Access on upgrades to L2 Access when Doors Open
    • To submit questions + access Hot Seat Coaching choose L2!
  • The 6%: Level 2 Access

    Every month
    6 month min commitment then cancel anytime
    • All Level 1 Benefits
    • Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Calls + Exclusive Q&As
    • The Backstage Broadcast: Private Q&A Telegram Group
    • Level 2 Members Private Lounge
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