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Growing a human being then having the task of landing them safely on Planet Earth is an exciting, nerve-racking and basically bonkers adventure.  My job is to be the person who supports you and your family to boldly go where bazillions have gone before even when you feel like the first.

Do you dream of a pregnancy and birth experience that is more than clinical appointments and gives you the confidence and tools to boss your birth and step in to parenting in a positive and powerful way?


Do you want more time than your clinical team can offer, to ask all the questions and learn all the things? 

If you are looking for a confident, knowledgeable person, with over a decade of experience supporting births, a naughty sense of humour and a heart made of marshmallow, then I might be your birth doula.  

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Are you looking for someone to help you find the clarity and confidence to level up, personally AND professionally? Are you on the brink of something but unsure how find the self belief and courage to take the next step and fly? Do you want to learn how to prioritise yourself without guilt? To set, make peace with and BOSS your boundaries? Would you like to move easily through life? Are you ready to ditch all the stories and a mindset that have been holding you back from creating the life you've been dreaming of?

I see you and I can help.

I know exactly how to support you to flourish personally and professionally and live as your fullest, most glorious embodiment of yourself.  To bring every aspect of your totally unique brand of fabulousness to the world then keep moving forwards and never look back.

Who is this for?

My one to one Women's Coaching supports you through ALL of life's transitions, adventures and challenges: adulting, parenting, working, loving, living. It's a place to programme in a new mindset and welcome in transformation.

Maybe you are up to your neck in the ‘deep mothering’ of younglings, parenting adolescents or adults. You could be at a crossroads in your personal or professional life or have a business idea you want to see brought to life or scaled. Maybe you don't have kids but you are stepping into a new phase or ‘midlife' and you're wondering,

'who am I? why can't I just....? is this it?' 'how can I....?'


Sometimes you just need to invest in a place where YOU are held, when it feels like you’re the one doing all the holding.

If you are navigating peri-menopause or menopause: I see you and can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you to flip your mindset and find ways to step into each new iteration of yourself with confidence, self compassion and a side of sass.

Ready to change your life?

Ping me a message, then get a brew and have a free 30 minute 'mini mentoring' session with me. I promise you will grow!




My Women’s Coaching is a no nonsense, confidential, therapeutic space where I support you to find clarity and direction

To get everything possible out of this experience, you’ll need to be ready to be honest and open to being gently prodded. I'll bring masses of experience and skills from my years as a mentor, a nurturing touch from over a decade as a a doula and ideas from 20 plus years as a successful entrepreneur PLUS and my magical way of being able to listen...really listen...and hear the things you are not necessarily saying in words. 

I have concrete first hand experience of delivering consistent, continuous and successful transformation.

I have been there, done it and made it happen for my clients. 

Are you ready to invest in YOU?

If you are yearning for change but you are not yet ready to invest in a focused programme of life changing transformation, I can support you with stand alone ad hoc sessions. These are great for working through or exploring a specific issue and gaining some clarity and direction. A fresh pair of experienced eyes and ears to help you unpack and move forwards with solid strategies.  The sessions are 1 hour and 15 mins and all I need you to bring with you is a willingness to be honest and open and the desire to change.

Are you ready to level up and make it happen? 

If you are ready to invest in yourself in a way that will see you understand yourself and your goals on a deeper and truly transformational level, then my ‘Let's Fly!' programme is EXACTLY where you need to land. You have to be ready to ‘go there’. To get stretchy. To get comfortable being uncomfortable, be ready for a new way of thinking and living as well as the desire to push forwards into all that is possible.

Because it’s all there for the taking and I’m here to get you there. 

This programme includes a course of 8 fortnightly or monthly one to one sessions combining the best of my person centred counselling, mentoring and coaching skills, as well as proven tools and strategies to transform and move forwards. Unlike the ad hoc sessions you’ll also have reflective work, practical strategies, regular check ins between sessions. Plus additional access to my 1:1 support throughout your transformation -

think of this as ‘Lisa in your pocket’.

Imagine receiving perfectly timed, personalised check-ins that are like your own bespoke podcast tailored to exactly what YOU need to hear. With explanations and strategies that are specific to YOUR transformational journey. You wobble and I am there. I keep you on track, moving forwards and accountable between the sessions. Because this is your new life and there is no looking back from here. You've read the self-help section from front to back. You know the stuff but you don't see the change. Having 'Lisa in your pocket' is the difference between a gym membership and hiring a kick ass personal trainer. I can get you to where you dream of being.


Your investment

My 1:1 stand alone sessions are an investment of 90€ / £75 / 105 USD / 385 AED per session lasting 1hr15mins.  

The investment for 'Let's Fly!' programme is 999€ / £888 / 1111 USD / 4444 AED for the 8 session 1:1 programme plus ‘Lisa In My Pocket’

I am working on a 'micro group coaching experience' which will launch in the new year - send me a message if you'd like to learn more about it. The cost will be lower than 1:1 programme but it will still pack a punch.

Instalment plans and a full range of payment methods are available so nothing can get in the way of you investing in yourself except you.

Before committing to a session or a programme I invite you to have a FREE 30 minute 'mini mentoring' session with me to see if we both feel we can embark on this together. I don't say yes to everyone coming on this journey with me. We both have to feel it.

Jump to some of my testimonials here and help yourself to my FREE 10 Day Abundance Practice here


Maybe you don't feel like someone else at your birth is your bag but you'd quite like to get your shizz together, make sure you and your birth partner/s are on the same page and have a few tricks up your sleeves. Maybe you want practical support on life with a new little human in the house!


I can create birth coaching and postnatal planning sessions to your specific needs whether you are hoping for a hypnobirth, want to get the epidural in asap, a planned CS, induction or something with whale music and a crystal grid.


My approach is all about YOU defining what a great birth looks like - sod all the self appointed experts...what do they know anyway?

Prep packages start from 850 EUROS and can be tailored to your specifications so get in touch - there's something for everyone.


One size rarely fits all - just as no two people are the same, everyone's ideal pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience is as unique as you are. So what I offer really comes down to what you want. Sometimes people have a crystal clear vision and sometimes just formulating the vision is something that can feel overwhelming and confusing...this is where I can help. As one client described me, I can be your walking talking birth plan. 


We will meet for sessions before your due date with you and who ever is important to this new human and definitely with anyone planning on witnessing their grand entrance into the world.  I will make myself fully available, round the clock for the 4 weeks around the date you're estimating you'll be giving birth and until your baby is born. After that, we will have at least one session to debrief and where tea/cake/sushi/bubbles/something with a lot of blue cheese is usually involved.

But all this is totally flexible and I can come with you to appointments, meet your birth team or help with anything else you might think I'd be useful for. What I definitely don't do is replace your midwife, doctors or other healthcare professionals. Or your partner - unless that's what you both want. I've been described by my clients as a 'FairyBirth-Mother' - someone who does everything they can to help you figure out how to achieve whatever you are hoping for and get off to the best possible start on the parenting rollercoaster.

360 Birth Support Packages start from 1200 EUROS

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Are you a doula looking for your own safe confidential space to be seen, heard, challenged and grow? Do you feel like you are giving to your clients and family but not to yourself? Are you ready to go to the next level in your Doula business. My mentoring through Nurturing Birth is for you.

It's hard to articulate the value of mentoring to someone who hasn't experienced it. It's about helping you to find the answers in YOU. A reflective process where you are held in an unconditional way so you can find authentic paths through your work and your life.

I have been mentored since I certified as a doula in 2010. I believe mentoring is essential. As a parent, a doula and an individual, I need and deserve a dedicated space for learning and re-learning, stretching and expanding, reflecting and listening then taking action. I want to see you do this work in a way that doesn’t only serve others - it serves you too.

Click here for some of the things my clients have said about our sessions.



Lisa is such a great person, full of knowledge, knows how to get the best out of Daddies and best of all she is a real friend to the 3 of us.


If I am ever asked about doulas, I always say it’s a support mechanism that will deliver 100%.  If asked about Lisa Sykes, I would always say she is the best doula I will ever know and she is a mate!

Solo - Theo's Daddy 

Lisa is straight-talking, smart, funny, clearly knowledgeable and obviously passionate about birth and supporting women. She facilitated the perfect arrival for my daughter and I am indebted to her for that. She is also extremely efficient; replying to emails, queries and phone calls very promptly. Despite obviously being in demand, she has a knack of making you feel you are her only client/commitment at that time.

Caroline & Martha

We will be eternally grateful to Lisa for making the birth of our dreams a reality. From the moment that I spoke to her I knew that she was the doula for us. She put us at ease and we enjoyed the pregnancy and birth. We did the antenatal classes with Lisa in the comfort of our own home. She provided endless support, she was only a phone call away and helped us find all the resources that we needed.

Kelly & Jack



'Lisa is a f***ing GENIUS! Not only does she unravel my head and has helped me succeed in my journey, I also see her blowing the minds of my peers! A mentor is someone you SHOULD have in your life - because lets face it, we all have shit in our minds or dreams we want to achieve. Maybe it's our business or just not knowing what the hell we want. Let's start looking after US!'

'Wow! I can't recommend Lisa enough. I was recommended to speak to Lisa. I was in a funk not knowing which way to turn. Lisa is slowly unlocking those keys. She makes you think of things you otherwise wouldn't have, challenges you, unleashes your inner boss. She is so inspiring I absolutely love this journey I am on with Lisa. I can't recommend her highly enough and there is no one I would rather have holding my hand through this journey of life.'

'I have been working as a Birth Doula for six years and booked Lisa in for a mentoring session. To say the session surpassed my expectations is an understatement! 

Lisa is a fantastic listener and manages to pick things up that you may not have noticed yourself. She has a caring nature but on top of that, a great sense of humour. If you are considering mentoring with her, go for it... you won't regret it!'

'Asking Lisa to become my mentor is without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Our journey has been so enriching and transformational it is hard for me to put into words. She is a mentor for the whole of me, not only the career aspect. She has supported me through one my biggest periods of growth as a human and is helping me to discover who I really am. She lovingly holds each of those layers I’ve been buried under, as I peel them off.'

'It helped me to organise [my challenges] in my mind, and become clearer about what they are, rather than feeling a general unease and confusion about how to proceed.

Lisa identified something about me that I hadn’t really thought about myself and it was so spot on and I felt so understood, that I started to cry.'


'I would just like to say a big thank you to Lisa, I was buzzing with excitement after our session. Lisa really helped me see lots of things more clearly and I feel more focused going forward.'

'Lisa was my mentor and has helped me to find my inner strenght and to keep going, whenever I wanted to give up…. She turns problems into possibilities and that you look at the things in a different way. I highly recommend her.

'I was introduced to Lisa through a friend who is a doula and needed some clear direction with some business ideas and limiting beliefs.  I was feeling lost and a bit stuck. I had a free 30 minute call with Lisa and my mind literally blew up! I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.  I quickly booked in a session and she ain’t been able to get rid of me since! 

Lisa is incredible, she listens carefully and she gets you thinking and working things out.  She’s helped me get rid of the noise and reach goals way faster than I would have without her guidance. 

I can’t recommend her enough! A truly incredible woman that I am so grateful to have met' 

'I was looking forward to the call as always but I felt even better than expected afterwards. Part of me was telling myself that because I am not currently supporting families I don’t qualify for this mentor call but I now know that’s ridiculous and it’s exactly what I needed. I felt heard, understood, clarity and a weight lifted off my shoulders. The level of heard that makes you burst into tears because I had been holding in the overwhelm and pressure on myself.’

Click here for videos of Lisa and the Nurturing Birth Mentors talking about doula mentoring 

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I’m Lisa and I’m on a mission to see you shine! 

I have been creating magic in my life and making shit happen since I was 14 years old. You know that person who has lived 100 lives in their time on the planet and you just KNOW they have 100 more in them? That’s ME. 


From making so much money importing Jimmy Choo shoes that PayPal shut me down for suspected money laundering, to selling all my family’s belongings to manifest our first move abroad - I make things HAPPEN.

I know from personal experience there is NOTHING you cannot achieve when you have the mindset and systems in place.


Born in London and raised in Yorkshire, I’ve lived in Switzerland, the Middle East and Paris and that’s just the beginning. I have 3 kids who between them speak 7 languages and my eldest just moved to her 3rd new country independently of us - because what we live our kids get to soak up and know there is no limits on what they can achieve too. 


When I’m not fawning over my gorgeous husband, Keith, talking to my pets, swearing or dicking around on Instagram, you’ll probably find me in the gym or on my bike. I switched alcohol for a Real Housewives dependancy and Chanel is my bitcoin. 

I am accepting in person clients in Paris and the western suburbs and online Women's Coaching and birth prep anywhere in the world! 

Click here for more about me and my adventures and a few real photos!


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Je suis DOULA et non SAGE-FEMME:

Je ne pratique aucun acte médical et ne suis pas une thérapeute. Mes prestations sont complémentaires de celles des sages-femmes

ou des médecins et ne se substituent pas à un suivi médical par un professionnel de santé.

Je n'accompagne pas les mères ni les couples qui n'ont pas organisé de suivi médical régulier tout au long de la grossesse et en vue de l'accouchement par

une sage-femme ou par un gynécologue obstétricien.

Je ne peux en aucun cas être présente ou envisager ma présence à un accouchement sans la présence d'une sage-femme ou d'un médecin.

Je travaille à chaque fois aux côtés des différents intervenants médicaux.

Pour info: Article L4111.1 du Code de la Santé Publique