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LISA SYKES The No BS Coach Life & Business Coach for heart-led entrepreneurs
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The No BS Coach

  • Speak Up! Mastering The Art of Courageous Conversations
  • Speak Up! Mastering The Art of Courageous Conversations
  • Speak Up! Mastering The Art of Courageous Conversations
  • Speak Up! Mastering The Art of Courageous Conversations
  • Speak Up! Mastering The Art of Courageous Conversations

Speak Up! Mastering The Art of Courageous Conversations


🎤 Speak Up! Mastering the Art of Courageous Conversations 🎤


Before Mastering The Art of Courageous Convos, this 1:1 client of mine would happily munch on a cactus than face those toe-curling, gut-twisting awks AF conversations in her biz. 🌵

I remember sitting opposite her once, as she had a physical reaction to sending a WhatsApp to a client she need to have an awkward convo with. 

Do you avoid those sweaty palm-inducing convos that you bloody KNOW you need to your biz AND your life?! ðŸ«£

Speak Up? Errm...I think I'll go with...CLAM UP ta...👀

Just like she was, you’re out there changing lives, telling your clients to not take any shit, and shout their needs from the rooftops... but when it comes to your own biz convos?  *insert tumbleweed here* ðŸ˜®â€ðŸ’¨

Do you find yourself attracting certain clients that make your life a living hell? Then you feel resentful because you're over-giving when you wanna be over-delivering?

Sat there nodding 'yes' when every fibre of your being screeeeeeeams 'hellllll no'? ðŸ˜©

If this is you, babe, we need to talk: it’s time for a change. 

You're choosing resentment over those short moments of discomfort, and that's not the vibe in a biz that's gonna go the distance!

👉🏽 And, darling, that shit stops RN!

Enter Speak Up! My no-BS program designed specifically for YOU, the doulas, midwives and coaches who are DONE avoiding the tough talks.

Why Speak Up? Because what's Eating You Up Is Eating Up Your Profits!


⚠️WARNING! Module 1 ALONE will change how you see YOURSELF FOREVER!


💥 Speak Up! isn't a program; it's your new superpower.


💪🏽 We're turning awks af moments into dreamy, heart opening, connection driving moments! 💓


How? By making sure you're never lost for words and always ready to handle those tricky talks with grace and authority.🌟


🔥 Learn to cut through the BS, stop over explaining everything because you're shit scared of people getting 'the wrong end of the stick' and get to the heart of what you need to say - quickly, easily, clearly, kindly, directly.


😎 Money Honey! Talk money, rates and requirements without feeling the ick!


💸 Transform from a resentful over-giver, forever teetering on the verge of burnout, to a respected leader who over delivers incredible value without feeling depleted.


🌟Watch as your biz blossoms and becomes more enjoyable and profitable.


⭐️ You'll walk away not just ready to tackle tough talks in your biz, but in every area of your life.


This is for you if:


✅ You avoid conversations you know you need to have and end up quietly stewing in your own resentment...then finally BLOW! 🌋


✅ You want to feel as confident asking for what YOU need as your clients feel when you look in their eyes and tell them: YOU can do this!


✅ You're ready to finally practice what you preach about advocating for YOU. BECAUSE WHAT YOU WANT MATTERS TOO.


No more dodging awks convos. No more fearing feedback. This is your moment to RISE, speak up, and transform your business from the inside out.

All modules and resources will land straight in your inbox TODAY and you'll get lifetime access the recordings!! 


When you register for this program, your entire investment is redeemable when you join The 6% before the 1st July!

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