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LISA SYKES The No BS Coach Life & Business Coach for heart-led entrepreneurs
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The No BS Coach

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What you believe (consciously and subconsciously) about money has the capacity to 'MAKE OR BREAK' everything when it comes to receiving the LIMITLESS WEALTH that’s available to you: through your biz and across EVERY area of your WHOLE LIFE.


When I apply these principles money flows soooo easily to has done for YEARS and yet it still blows my mind at times!


I realised it's a code.


A combination of actionable pieces and and an energetic sequence thats meant I have attracted money almost effortlessly.


It's how I have literally been able to BURN my income to the ground and recreate it OVER and OVER. Any time I desire.


It was at play when I walked away from a job that supported me to have my own home, car and daughter in a top private school as a single mum who left school at 15.


It was at play when I created so much money at lightening speed that it didn't make much that PayPal shut me down for suspected money laundering...


It was at play when I was at the TOP OF MY GAME as a birth doula who people booked before they had told even their partners they were pregnant...and I burned it to the ground...


It was at play when I left the UK and started from scratch in Switzerland...Dubai...Paris...


I realised It's ALWAYS AT get to decide if you want it working FOR YOU or AGAINST YOU.


What I will teach you has the potential to be nothing short of seismic. 


5K months…8K months…10K months…will all become totally normal and as a result.




This program goes beyond everything you thought you knew about ‘money mindset'


As soon as you register you'll receive instant access to all modules and resources FOR LIFE!! 




(RICH AF! is a prerequiste training for MINTED! The Money Membership for People who want BIG inpact and BIG INCOME!)


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