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LISA SYKES The No BS Coach Life & Business Coach for heart-led entrepreneurs
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The No BS Coach

Raise Your Vibration!

For years people have consistently asked me:


‘How TF do you do it Lisa?!?’


They’re like: 


‘NOTHING seems to phase you!’ 


‘How TF do you make all this shit happen so effortlessly??!’


I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a journey people.


With a fuck ton of ups and downs - depression, divorce, going broke and having nowhere to live….those times were not all HIGH VIBES and HIGH FIVES, let me tell ya. 

But you know what? It's totally f*cking possible, to rewire the way you think, feel and VIBRATE.


To exist on a totally different frequency. 


A frequency where life gets to be easier, more enjoyable and where everything you desire is attracted you almost effortlessly.

I want you to know that I've personally experienced the mind-blowing transformation of raising my vibration to co-create the life and business I always dreamed of, looooong before stumbling upon a little bio-resonance device that has elevated things to a whole new level.

It's been through a combination of years of very intentional ‘inner work’, aligning with my heart's desires, savvy business strategy and TRULY embracing and loving my authentic self, that I've manifested mind-blowing opportunities and experiences. A life where I’ve worked and lived all over the world with my family. I've created a wildly profitable and really fucking enjoyable business where I get paid just to be ME…and often in my sleep!


So, let me be crystal f*cking clear: you do not NEED this magical little device to start changing YOUR frequency and attracting everything YOU desire.


You have ALL of that potential right inside of you NOW: I truly believe that we ALL do.


But I want to tell you something else. Having this device in my life is taking my journey of expansion to a whole new f*cking level.


It's like having a cosmic amplifier that elevates and refines the energetic foundations I've already carefully laid down.


It allows me to fine-tune to HIGH DEFINITION my every vibration, dive deeper into my self-discovery, shift blocks I didn’t even realise existed and align PERFECTLY with the frequency of abundant f*cking success!


Aaaaand crank that shit up to 100!


IMO this is an extraordinary tool that accelerates the process and amplifies my results and wellbeing - for me and my whole family.


My hubby, Keith, is obsessed with the Healy too - he started using it for localised knee and back pain.  His knee pain 'evaporated' and we can finally get him out of the car after a long drive without needing a bloody hoist! He religiously runs carefully selected wellbeing and balancing frequency programs everyday. The massive shifts in his emotional well-being have been the most beautiful for me to see.  Previously stressful situations don't phase him anymore and the 'negative self talk' that would often go side by side with those scenarios, is melting away.


My current fave program is ’ENERGY’ - no need for 3 coffee’s to fuel my morning. I run ‘PURE’ religiously when I wake up while I’m making breakie and IMO it beats a green smoothie hands down! 'ACTIVATION' is my fave to run as I deliver my masterclasses and there are soooo programs on my Resonance Plus Model, I haven't even managed to get through them all yet!


My fave Healy feature is being able to record the frequencies of actual places so you can vibrate them back later! Imagine being able to drop into the feeling you get on your favourite beach or special place any time you want to…

Keith recorded the frequencies at the top of Mount Etna this summer: the most immaculate, powerful, grounding, Mother Earth and Universal Life Force vibes.  As soon as we can we will be up to Malham Cove in our home country of England to record the frequencies there. When we land back in that place, we ALWAYS feel an energetic shift within us. So being able to access it from wherever we are feels so expansive and grounding at the same time.


I've been doing a lot of work around wealth activation and wanted to lock in frequency of desire, luxury and abundance in the new Louis Vuitton store in Taormina when we visited in August. While I was buying a new bag, Monsieur Bernard Arnault, the multi-billionaire owner of Louis Vuitton and his family were in the building (we literally passed on the stairs!) and the vibes for me were also about entrepreneurship and limitlessness! I wanted to capture them for my own wealth embodiment practices. LITERALLY the next day I woke up to Jeff Bezos $500 million eco-yacht outside my bedroom window!! 


In my coaching you’ll see really clearly that the way you FEEL/VIBRATE (aka your resonance) ripples out into EVERYTHING you DO and ultimately impacts your RESULTS. And in my 1:1 coaching I’ll help you to unlock that understanding and write a new blueprint for life, just like I did.


A whole new way of being that lead me from an unhappy single mum, trapped by my ‘great salary’ in a corporate career to a successful entrepreneur making 6 figures doing something I adore and living anywhere in the world that I choose. 


A life that defies all expectations. 


My lovely, LIMITLESS potential resides within you.


If you want to chat about how I can help you access all of this, though my coaching or the magic of Healy, then book 30 mins here and if you already know you want the magic of quantum bio-resonance in your life, then click here to buy!

My Other Offers and Programs

The LEGENDARY Activation MicroMind!



This 5-day Mini Mastermind or 'MicroMind' is 5 LIFE CHANGING Days of voice coaching for heart-led entrepreneurs with Lisa & Faye Ceyhan from BirthBizBabes!

LiftOff: 0-5K with Soul & Strategy!

Wanna know the all the things I would be doing if I were building a business from scratch??


Shameless brag: I've been absolutely rocking the socks off the entrepreneurial game for TIME and my superpower is helping people like YOU turn into business badasses too.

Life Lessons from The Alchemist

OMFG I remember it all too well…


Being a 30 something mum of a teenager and 2 kids under 2...feeling like some kind of real life Sonic The Hedgehog whirl-winding my way through every day...


Chucking the kids at Keith as soon as his key touched the door and bombing off to a potential client interview…all good intentions of an afternoon shower out the fucking window…giving my pits a quick sniff to make sure I wasn’t too ripe to be in polite society…

Current Offers for 1:1 Coaching with Lisa

Explore current offers for private 1:1 life and business coaching with Lisa Sykes. Choose from intensives, mid-term plans, or year-long commitments, all with flexible payment plans. Enjoy personalised sessions, voice coaching support and access to paid group programs.

 Are you ready to Trust Fall?

The Trust Fall has taken on a life of its own. The magic in this creation has gone waaaay beyond anything I could've dreamed of before we'd even got started...


We've all seen a Trust Fall...


Where someone literally falls backwards, eyes closed, arms outstretched, FULLY trusting that someone...something....that they can't see or touch...has got their back...

that they are abso-fucking-loutely HELD and SUPPORTED.

RICH AF! AKA: how everything you believe about money is screwing you over & WTF to do about it!


AKA: how everything you believe about money is screwing you over & WTF to do about it!

Let’s get straight to the point:


What you believe (consciously and subconsciously) about money has the power to LIT-ER-ALLY make or break things in your business AND across all areas of your WHOLE LIFE.

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