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LISA SYKES The No BS Coach Life & Business Coach for heart-led entrepreneurs
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The No BS Coach

LiftOff: 0-5K with Soul & Strategy!

Wanna know the all the things things I would be doing if I were building a business from scratch??


Shameless brag: I've been absolutely rocking the socks off the entrepreneurial game for TIME and my superpower is helping people like YOU turn into business badasses too.


Ever found yourself quietly plucking your hair out strand by strand, wondering whose idea this whole 'be your own boss' shit was...flicking between your website and Canva and googling 'how do I attract customers without having to wear a sandwich board and dance in the street?...


Next news you're somehow back in ANOTHER Instagram wormhole watching makeup and hair transformations or chihuahua's in tutus.....or maybe that was just me.....


Ever wished you could click your heels 3 times Wizard of Oz stylee, open your eyes to find yourself holding a glass of something fizzy, tossing your hair back, surrounded by applauding friends and fam, toasting your rip roaring success, full classes, 6 month wait list and a bank balance that could keep up with the Kardashians?


This Masterclass is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AWESOME...and RAMMED full of MINDBLOWING VALUE to get you from 0-5K Months....


and I'm going to be honest... it's not going to make any of that Wizard of Oz fantasy shit happen overnight...




BUT! What it WILL DO is give you A FUCK TON of proven strategies, ideas and shizz that you can start applying in your biz NOW.


Over the calls I literally spill my guts on all the practical, strategic and mindset tools I've learned, implemented and refined to get me from 0-5K months AND that I've used to move myself and my client's waaaaaay beyond 5K months in our heart-led businesses!

The LiftOff! Masterclass is value packed THREE part training that can be in your inbox TODAY!


There are soooo many practical, mindset and strategic pieces in there, if you revisit this training over and over you will be able to extract endless wisdom from it.

When you decide to jump into LiftOff! all the recordings will be in your inbox the same day and you'll have lifetime access to watch back and implement everything step by step!


This has been my most popular masterclass EVER and if you dive wholeheartedly into this stuff, it might just flip the script on your business AND your life!


Lisa x

LiftOff: 0-5K with Soul & Strategy!
LiftOff: 0-5K with Soul & Strategy!

My Other Offers and Programs

The LEGENDARY Activation MicroMind!



This 5-day Mini Mastermind or 'MicroMind' is 5 LIFE CHANGING Days of voice coaching for heart-led entrepreneurs with Lisa & Faye Ceyhan from BirthBizBabes!

Life Lessons from The Alchemist

OMFG I remember it all too well…


Being a 30 something mum of a teenager and 2 kids under 2...feeling like some kind of real life Sonic The Hedgehog whirl-winding my way through every day...


Chucking the kids at Keith as soon as his key touched the door and bombing off to a potential client interview…all good intentions of an afternoon shower out the fucking window…giving my pits a quick sniff to make sure I wasn’t too ripe to be in polite society…

R.I.C.H! Becoming an Irresistible Match for MORE!

I have been working on this program for A LIFETIME! And I'm not doing my usual over enthusiastic exaggerating...


R.I.C.H. is an acronym...and the content of each module - one for every letter - is made up of the practical and energetic ingredients I have used to become a Money Magnet. Literally.

 Are you ready to Trust Fall?

The Trust Fall has taken on a life of its own. The magic in this creation has gone waaaay beyond anything I could've dreamed of before we'd even got started...


We've all seen a Trust Fall...


Where someone literally falls backwards, eyes closed, arms outstretched, FULLY trusting that someone...something....that they can't see or touch...has got their back...

that they are abso-fucking-loutely HELD and SUPPORTED.

Current Offers for 1:1 Coaching with Lisa

Explore current offers for private 1:1 life and business coaching with Lisa Sykes. Choose from intensives, mid-term plans, or year-long commitments, all with flexible payment plans. Enjoy personalised sessions, voice coaching support and access to paid group programs.

LIFTOFF! I'm gonna spill my guts on the practical, strategic & mindset tools I've learned, refined & implemented to get me from 0-5K months AND move myself & my client's waaaaaay beyond 5K months in our heart-led businesses!

Upon registration, you will get access to the entire program.

LiftOff: 0-5K with Soul & Strategy!


INTEREST-FREE payment plans are available!

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