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The No BS Coach

Are you ready to Trust Fall?

The Trust Fall has taken on a life of its own. The magic in this creation has gone waaaay beyond anything I could've dreamed of before we'd even got started...


We've all seen a Trust Fall...


Where someone literally falls backwards, eyes closed, arms outstretched, FULLY trusting that someone...something....that they can't see or touch...has got their back...

that they are abso-fucking-loutely HELD and SUPPORTED.


Just imagine yourself doing that for a moment...stepping up to the edge...with your back to the great 'fuck-knows-what'...


And you lean back and let FULL TRUST


Because you KNOW that the net WILL appear...either that or you are filled with such a deep sense of self trust that you're gonna learn how to fly!


I want you to head into the rest of your year like that. THAT full of TRUST.


When I launched this concept into the world it was just an idea...a feeling...


Initially I shared NOTHING about what was going to be happening in there...


No dates...

No deets...



And that's wasn't an accident...


Because there's something really powerful that happens when you are able to move without proof...without every detail being right there in front of you...


Getting out of your head...away from the noise and into the moment...




I get to TRUST the right people will be in the space with me...doing the work...


YOU get to TRUST that you can get into things that might not make sense YET...

that there's something in the not knowing and doing it ANYWAY that's exhilarating and capacity building rather than terrifying...


Every person who has yes so far trusted that they would EXPAND, LEARN & GROW EXPONENTIALLY


And that they can navigate ANYTHING...even the unknown


The Trust Fall is a Self Trust Activation MasterClass LIKE NO OTHER


I'm going to take you through a process to transition powerfully from where you are to where you want to be in 2023


I want to set you up for your most exciting year yet. To bring the best lessons with you and build on them then set fire to anything that no longer belongs in the big vision you are creating for your life.


In the last 12 months I have manifested in a way I have NEVER experienced before.


I've literally changed on a cellular level. And I've witnessed clients blowing all the 'rules' out of the water too. Moving mountains in their lives and work. I want you to see how you get to create the magic YOU desire too.


I'm going to show you that saying 'YES' from your HEART and INTUITION and getting out of the 'HOW?' and into the NOW, means that LIMITLESS opportunities are available.


And even though I have NEVER shared it publicly before, what happened in Mexico will no longer stay in Mexico...It's time to reveal exactly how my life FLIPPED upside down when I followed the omens (and a psychic medium's instructions!) and opened myself up to the lessons of a lifetime.


This 3 Part Masterclass was recorded live on the first Full Moon of 2023 BUT you can still access the magic and plug in RIGHT NOW and start the next chapter of your life TODAY...


Jump into the recordings and let the magic lead you through this process on your timeline.


You can literally start the process today - the recordings, resources and full instructions from me, will arrive in your inbox shortly after you register.


The reviews have been equal parts heart warming and mind-blowing to me...

So I want to ask you:


Will this be 'just another year'


or will you FINALLY get to write the chapter in your book that starts


'...and that's when EVERYTHING changed...'


If you are ready to move forward into your most powerful year ever...this is how...


Big Love,


Lisa x

Immerse yourself in the Trust Fall - a self-trust activation masterclass that guides you to embrace the unknown and manifest life-altering changes. Dare to leap into the abyss of uncertainty and discover limitless opportunities. Start this transformative journey today, let magic lead you.

My Other Offers and Programs

The LEGENDARY Activation MicroMind!



This 5-day Mini Mastermind or 'MicroMind' is 5 LIFE CHANGING Days of voice coaching for heart-led entrepreneurs with Lisa & Faye Ceyhan from BirthBizBabes!

LiftOff: 0-5K with Soul & Strategy!

Wanna know the all the things I would be doing if I were building a business from scratch??


Shameless brag: I've been absolutely rocking the socks off the entrepreneurial game for TIME and my superpower is helping people like YOU turn into business badasses too.

Life Lessons from The Alchemist

OMFG I remember it all too well…


Being a 30 something mum of a teenager and 2 kids under 2...feeling like some kind of real life Sonic The Hedgehog whirl-winding my way through every day...


Chucking the kids at Keith as soon as his key touched the door and bombing off to a potential client interview…all good intentions of an afternoon shower out the fucking window…giving my pits a quick sniff to make sure I wasn’t too ripe to be in polite society…

R.I.C.H! Becoming an Irresistible Match for MORE!

I have been working on this program for A LIFETIME! And I'm not doing my usual over enthusiastic exaggerating...


R.I.C.H. is an acronym...and the content of each module - one for every letter - is made up of the practical and energetic ingredients I have used to become a Money Magnet. Literally.

Current Offers for 1:1 Coaching with Lisa

Explore current offers for private 1:1 life and business coaching with Lisa Sykes. Choose from intensives, mid-term plans, or year-long commitments, all with flexible payment plans. Enjoy personalised sessions, voice coaching support and access to paid group programs.

The Trust Fall will be a Self Trust Activation MasterClass LIKE NO OTHER! Let's transition powerfully from 2022 into 2023 and set you up for your most exciting year yet full of the energy of possibility and potential in every cell of your being! LFG!

Upon registration, you will get access to the entire program.

Are you ready to Trust Fall?


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